Parents & Tutors Read This

Parents – hallo folks. Your darling baby has now become an adult, or maybe nearly so. They will be aged between 15 and 25. Whether they are certain of their future career path or not, they look to you for guidance and advice. That’s why this page is addressed to you. If you look at the YOUTH READ THIS page you’ll see that we ask the young people who are thinking of travelling with us to seek your guidance and advice. We don’t doubt that you will give your best advice, as we always do. We want to take you along with us on this journey. It’s likely that the journey won’t be realised without your help. Not every young person is suited to this programme. Personality and health issues must be taken account of.

Tutors – the young person may never have been your ‘darling baby’, but may now be a pupil in your charge at school or uni. We want to be as responsible as you are in caring for them. We are well aware of the protection issues, as you undoubtedly are.

Please now see these pages for further key information: HOW IT WORKS, and PROTECTION ISSUES.