Protection Issues

Minors and vulnerable persons have to be protected under the Children Acts and other protective legislation. We train in this and abide by this legislation, with a healthy dose of common sense added. We observe the advice of the UK Foreign Office regarding the level of safety in certain countries.

The unexpected does occasionally happen. For example, a young person aged 25 may decide not to come home, but to continue on where they work, and drop out of university, or decide to travel on further, perhaps into an adjacent country where they have been invited by a new found friend whom they have met. Such a person is an adult and we cannot prevent this. We can only warn the young person about the dangers inherent in impetuous decision making.

Our Director, Talent Captain and staff including student volunteers are all vetted using the Vetting and Barring procedures. The young person and the employer – and everyone they are likely to come into contact with every day in the employer – will also be vetted. Anyone who fails the vetting process will not be admitted to the programme.

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