How it Works

Our service is really a variation on a theme that is already decades in existence. We have done the school trip, and done the home exchange with a student in France or other foreign country to help our language skills, done the bagging up at the Sainsbury checkout to learn to understand what work is. We in TWIYO take that valuable experience a bit further into the world of work. We have work experience and internship opportunities in the UK, but our future aim is for the arrow to land in a foreign safe country.

The usual sequence of events is expected to be as follows:-

1. A young person contacts us expressing interest in our programme

2. We register their interest and ask them to get parents or guardian or relatives on-side, and to seek their advice

3. We ask the young person to complete a form or send us a CV. This highlights not only their aspirations but also potential problems, whether health or other issues. If under 18, we ask the form to be counter-signed by a parent or guardian.

4. We offer suitable posts that match the young person’s aspirations. All key aspects of posts will already have been checked out.

5. The young person chooses the most suitable post for them.

6. We send the personal data to the employer, with a contract to sign. We ask for a donation of £200 which they are not obliged to pay. As an alternative we ask the employer to pay for flights and taxi, provide a warm welcome and find appropriate local accommodation for the duration of the young person’s stay. Again, they are not obliged to fund any of these, only to supply or arrange or facilitate them.

7. We supply Itinerary and flight / train tickets along with a small amount of money to get started on day one at their destination. We ensure the young person is appropriately equipped for the location and the job, including clothing, money, equipment and knowledge.

8. After arrival, we check on progress daily in the first week with both intern and employer, then weekly until they arrive safely back at home.

9. Upon return, the young person gives us a briefing on their internship or work experience.